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telephone table

my coworker had this table she asked if there was anything i could do to fix it up my response was of course
i had to do a lot of sanding on the top of the table because there was some paint build up i think i did too much sanding because the wood was rough although i use a fine sanding paper (oh well) there was a crack at the back of the chair i glued it and clamped it till it dried once i decided on my paint color i searched for a cheap remnant fabric i found a perfect match and am pleased with the results


my first refinish

i am so proud of my work- this took me about 2 weeks to finish (sand paint glue upholstery repaint clear coat) honestly i was sad to give this to the owner however she loved it

My First Project

rocking chair

The shape of the chair was beautiful however it was not in good condition. It had a crack along one of the legs- i used painters puddy to fill it in; i sanded the puddy when it dried then painted over it. I had to use wood glue to try to hold the chair together because it was so wobbly.

Hello world!

Welcome to nickysnook I am so excited to share my new hobby. I have started refinishing furniture my dream would be to open a small eclectic store featuring my treasures. Until then I will share my finished projects with others who have the same interests. Please feel free to offer me suggestions ideas and suggestions.

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